15th Annual Texas Blue Chip Showcase
Presented by Houston Methodist Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.


FEBRUARY 7-8, 2015

Burroughs Park  |  Houston, TX

Presented by Houston Methodist Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.

The Texas "Blue Chip" Showcase will take place February 7-8, 2015, at Burroughs Park in Tomball (Houston), Texas.  The Texas Blue Chip Showcase has a 14 year history of being one of the finest soccer showcases in the Southwest, due in large part to the quality of competition and number of college coaches that have made this an annual event on their recruiting calendar.  Our prestigious event provides an outstanding opportunity for you to showcase your Senior, Junior, and Sophomore Players.

This showcase is limited to U16, U17, & U18/19 Boys Teams. Last year more than 70 College & University coaches representing NCAA DIV I, II, III, & NAIA programs from across the country attended the Texas Blue Chip Showcase. We are pleased to announce that many have already confirmed to attend again this year.  Each College/University coach is provided with a player profile book detailing each player’s academic and athletic data.

Showcase Format - Each team can choose to play a total of 2 or 3 - 80 minute exhibition matches. The exhibition format will allow players to perform in their normal role without the added pressure of trying to win the tournament. Pairings are formed with teams that are as equal in strength as possible so as to provide for competitive games and allow players the best opportunity to display their soccer skills. In order to comply with NCAA recruiting rules, points will be awarded for each game to determine a bracket winner, but no awards will be presented. USDA teams will play friendly matches under the rules and regulations of the Development Academy.

Team Requirements - Each U17, U18, and U19 team is allowed a maximum of 22 players, with up to 5 guest players on their roster. However, only 18 players will be allowed to participate in each game. Those players must be identified on the game card prior to the start of each game and will be the only players allowed on the team bench. Each U16 team is allowed a maximum of 18 players with up to 5 guest players on their roster. All roster changes must be cleared with the hosting committee in advance of registration. Guest players must be properly registered with their state associations. 2014/2015 Player ID Cards & Medical Release Forms for all players will be required & verified at registration. All teams and players must be in good standing with their local and state associations to be eligible. This tournament is sanctioned by USYSA. Therefore, all USYSA teams must obtain permission to travel from the appropriate state/national association if traveling from outside of South Texas (STYSA).

Eligibility - The tournament committee will select teams based on each individual team’s past playing history and competitiveness. Please provide accurate and up to date information regarding your team’s playing history. Teams will not be considered for acceptance until an application with entry fee is received.

Entry Fee

  • 2 matches= $575
  • 3 matches = $775

Hotels  - Teams must stay in Texas “Blue Chip” Showcase designated hotels or they will not be allowed to play in this showcase.  Rooms are available at Special Showcase rates at designated hotels in the area, and hotel information will be available on the website.

Registration Deadline - The registration deadline has passed.  Teams registering from this point on will be accepted on an as-needed basis.     

Player Profile Pages must be submitted by January 18, 2015, in order to be included in the player profile book that is given to each college coach in attendance.  There is no guarantee that pages submitted after this date will be included.


UPLOAD ROSTERS (Available Now)


1. It has nothing to do with GotSoccer or your Application to this event.
2. It is very important that managers load their team rosters and update their team page. At the very least, we need the team roster (including guest players) and jersey numbers for all players. This will need to be completed by January 30 so we can begin printing game cards. You will still need to bring your association roster to check-in.
How to input your rosters once your team has been accepted.
a. Click on 2015 Blue Chip ShowcaseTeams in the left column of the tournament page.
b. Click on your team's name.
c. Click on the TEAM LOG IN link in the upper right corner next to the little green circle.
d. Enter your Email Address and PIN # (found on your tournament confirmation email). You can also request your PIN # if you need to. Make sure you check your spam email for the automated response. Sometimes those get dumped in there.
e. Follow the prompts to update your roster, and anything else you would like on your team page. 
TROUBLESHOOTING: You need to put in the exact number of players to add in order for the system to work. For example, if you have 18 players to add, don't put 20. You cannot have blank fields leftover when you submit the roster.



Please note, per the Blue Chip Showcase rules, that a team withdrawing from the tournament after being accepted shall forfeit its entry fee. 

College Coach Testimonials

The college coaches have spoken and once again the Texas Blue Chip Showcase has proven to be a top notch event!

Click on the link below to read some of their comments -

College Coach Testimonials